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All candles are conciosuly crafted by hand using the cleanest ingredients.

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Display worthy candles, luxuriously scented, complimented by a crackling wood wick. A little Spanglish, a little sass, 100% relatable self-care candles.

  • SAFE

    We are proud to source the best quality ingredients. Our fragrances are phthalate free, our crackling wooden wicks are FSC Certified, and our wax is eco-friendly. Candle safety tips are always included with your order.


    We thinks spirituality can also be stylish. Casita Candles creates modern candles that look just as good as they smell. The crackling wood wick creates a unique ambiance, adding a bit of magic to the beautifully fragranced vibe.


    Casita Candles was created to support a grounding self-care practice. We embrace conversations around self-care, emotional regulation and mental health. We offer candlelight guided meditations on our site and ongoing support and conversations on social media.


    Empowerment with a side of sass. The world can feel like a heavy place so we think it's important to embrace joy. Sometimes we use Spanglish because we can and Spanish is pretty AF.