Why virgin coconut soy wax?
It's one of the most environmentally conscious waxes on the market. It burns beautifully and ensures the safest and best quality burn.

Does it smell like coconut?
Not at all. The wax is scentless and blends beautifully with high quality, phthalate free fragrance oil and essential oils.

Are your candles non-toxic?
I use premium fragrance oils and essential oils that are plant based and phthalate and paraben free. I try to make my candles as natural as possible. I am sensitive to heavy artificial perfumes so I put a lot of effort into creating fresh smelling products that won't give me or you a headache. 

How soon will I get my order?
I ship candles Mon-Wed. I use a premium wax that has a delicate melt point so I try to keep any candles away from any hot warehouse for the weekend. You should receive your order with 3-4 business days after shipment. A tracking number is provided. Please let me know if your candle needs to arrive for a specific date. Arrangements can of course be made.

What if my candle arrives damaged?
Huge bummer, but here is the good news. You can contact me to let me know and I can make it right.