Collab with Casita Candles

Casita Collabs
Hey girl, hey! Are you a small womxn owned business with shared brand values? Maybe we have a business crush on each other? If so, we could collaborate on creating stunning, high quality candles with a message. 

How does it work?
Message me using the 'get in touch" link at the bottom of this page. Please include your instagram handle and anything else you might want to add. 

What happens next?
I get to admire your IG and brand values.

Next, I can keep an eye out for vessels and messaging that might work for you. If I think it’s a fit and my availability allows, I can contact you about potential timelines and some sweet candle ideas! This will be a collaborative process that should leave you feeling excited about elevating your brand message.

We are into it!
Once we decide that we would like to move forward, I can work on a prototype and we can discuss a potential production schedule and payment terms. Wow, that was cool.