Collab with Casita Candles

Casita Collabs
Hey girl, hey! Are you a small womxn owned business with shared brand values? Maybe we have a business crush on each other? If so, we could collaborate on creating stunning, high quality candles with a message. 

How does it work?
Drop your instagram handle if you would be interested in a limited edition run to start. 

What happens next?
I get to admire your IG and brand values.

Next, I can keep an eye out for vessels and messaging that might work for you. If I think it’s a fit and my availability allows, I can contact you about potential timelines and some sweet candle ideas! This will be a collaborative process that should leave you feeling excited about elevating your brand message.

We are into it!
Once we decide that we would like to move forward, I can work on a prototype and we can discuss a potential production schedule and payment terms. 


Interested in working together?