90s LOVE
90s LOVE
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90s LOVE

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Glam Tins are enhanced with ethically sourced gold mica, creating a sparkling and mesmerizing melt pool. 


Smells like 90s Hip Hop, R&B, and roll on lip gloss vibes 

Scent notes: Peach & Grapefruit, Cherry Blossom, Vanilla. Naturally enhanced with orange and grapefruit essential oils. 

 Ingredients: Only the good stuff

Fragrance: All fragrances are phthalate-free, infused with essential oils, and inspired by nature. ⁣

Wick: Made from certified ethically sourced wood, they create a beautiful and uniquely shaped, soft-crackling flame. Perfect for that beautifully lit, slow burn. Our supplier donates a portion of all sales to support 

Wax: our natural premium virgin coconut soy wax is selected for clean burning and eco-conscious characteristics

Community: Your purchase helps support Trees for the Future, an organization working to end hunger and poverty for small farmers through revitalizing degraded lands.


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